Rental rates

All packages include a tent, frame, wood stove, chimney, and ground stakes

All tents include frame, wood stove, ground stakesDailyWeekly
Arctic Oven 12 w/vestibule 3-4 people
$110/day minimum 5 days$650
Arctic Oven Igloo w/vestibule 2 people $95/day minimum 4 days$475
Snowtrekker Outfitter 10X13 2-4 people $85/day minimum 4 days$450
Snowtrekker MegaCrew 13X13 3-6 people $95/day minimum 4 days$500
10X12 Canvas tent 2-4 people$95/day minimum 5 days$600
12X16 Canvas tent 4-8 people$95/day minimum 7 days$650
Add-ons below only with tent rental
Standard adult cot $25 per rental$25
Low profile adult cot$25 per rental$25
Disc-O-bed XL bunk cot $50 per rental$50
Collapsible table$25 per rental$25
*A non-refundable deposit of $200 on all rental bookings. Rentals paid in full prior to pickup and a damage deposit will be required. I f another client returns a product damaged or late it may effect your booking and we will give a full refund for the deposit and rental fee. Whitehorse wall tent rentals cannot be held liable for any other costs associated with your trip or rental period.
  • If you return the tent wet an additional day rental will be added to the total

Nu wave propane stoves available for the Arctic Oven tents only.

Additional $50 a week

*Standard propane tank required